Whiskey Wind Down Gift Set
Whiskey Wind Down Gift Set
Whiskey Wind Down Gift Set

Whiskey Wind Down Gift Set

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Whiskey on a Wednesday? Yes please! Wind down after a long day of work with our Whiskey Wind Down Gift Set. Give the gift of ease and convenience with everything you need to make your favorite Old Fashioned & Whiskey Sour without the muss and fuss of mixing up a cocktail. This gift set includes two each of our alcohol-free canned cocktails — the classic Old Fashioned and the elegant Whiskey Sour — plus Dehy orange garnish, a silicone ice cube tray and playing cards custom designed by Emily Eisenhart. Pop the top. Pour over ice. And partake in a feel-good, fancy cocktail without the after-effects of alcohol.

The Whiskey Wind Down Gift Set Contains:

  • Two Cans of Old Fashioned (250ml)
  • Two Cans of Whiskey Sour (250ml)
  • Emily Eisenhart Card Deck
  • Silicone Ice 4 Cube Tray
  • Dehy Dehydrated Orange Garnish
Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits & Cocktails
Beautifully distilled, non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails perfect for mixing up your non-alcoholic cocktails. Enjoy our pour-over cans of a classic Whiskey Sour and Old Fashioned in one convenient bundle! Crafted using our proprietary reverse distillation process, you can enjoy the same high-quality, smooth finish you’ve come to expect from premium full-proof cocktails, but without the burn, guilt or calories.